Digital Marketing Strategies for Multifamily Properties Webinar and Learning Resources

Digital Marketing Strategies for Multifamily Properties Webinar and Learning Resources
Atlanta & Southeast + 2-4 Units
Digital Marketing Strategies To Get Results
Leverage the latest tools and tech to stand apart

Sofia Guzman, Head of Marketing at SharpLaunch, recently sat down with Connect CRE and’s CEO, Daniel Ceniceros, for SharpLaunch’s monthly webinar series. They delved into digital marketing strategies for multifamily properties to attain maximum exposure and traction. Their in-depth discussion touched upon the disruption of traditional media these past few decades by digital outlets and potential trends as AI emerges on the scene. This webinar will help you understand how robust CRM systems, SEO strategy, and tailored rich content change the journey to market. These technologies have altered how CRE professionals sell, finance, purchase, and manage assets.

Daniel Ceniceros, CEO of Connect CRE and, Advocates A Tech-Led Approach
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Listen on-demand and join this fascinating conversation to level up your digital marketing efforts to maximize efficiency, reach, and resources. Click on Digital Marketing Strategies for Multifamily Properties to access the recording.

A Case Study and Accessible Learning Resources
Brush Up Your Skills, Stay Ahead of the Curve

Are you interested in further insights? This HubSpot case study examines how a commercial real estate client used their sales hub tool to scale their business expeditiously and efficiently.

Havenpark, a supplier of manufactured homes, partnered with HubSpot to develop a customized sales pipeline to create a seamless customer buying experience from sales lead to close and beyond. The company had planned to add several thousand homes to its portfolio and manages 250 employees across 85 locations. Read how a centralized sales and marketing strategy helped them support scaling and fast growth:

Looking for resources to help you build a solid digital marketing foundation? Daniel Ceniceros suggests these courses and certificate offerings to get started:

HubSpot CRM

  1. HubSpot Academy - Marketing 

  2. HubSpot Marketing 101: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Cornell University

  1. Cornell University Marketing Certificate

General Assembly

*Offering a host of in-person and online courses

  1.  General Assembly Courses and Classes

Google Courses offered online through Coursera

  1. Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate 

  2. Google Data Analytics Certificates 

  3. Google SEO Fundamentals

The essential fact is that digital marketing is an ever-evolving field that requires continued education to stay informed and in front of the competition. While there is a lot to learn and it can seem overwhelming, adopting a growth mindset and remaining receptive will help you adopt best practices and suitable technology to gain an edge. Educating yourself about digital marketing is time well spent and will ensure you're knowledgeable, ahead of the curve, and advantageous to reach your forecasted goals.

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